Sushi and Ramen is the common Japanese foods that is available in all Japanese Restaurants in town.

But do you know there we some rare Japanese dishes that are well now in Japan that were not be easily found in the normal Japanese Restaurants?

Ishin is a Japanese Fine Dining Restaurant that serves genuine Japanese and Kaiseki style cuisines located at Old Klang Road. Their meals are prepared upon order using only the finest quality ingredients air-flown directly from Tsukiji Market, Tokyo, Japan.

At Ishin, you could get some of the rare Japanese dishes that is unique and tasty in their own way. Some of the recommended dishes are:

Shake Shirako Shioyaki

Shake Shirako Ponzu – Salmon Fish Sperm with Citrus Sauce

Shin Sanma Nitsuke Japanese fresh sanma cooked in sweet sauce

Shin Sanma Nitsuke – Japanese Fresh Sanma cooked in Sweet Sauce

Shake Shirako Ponzu - Salmon fish sperm with citrus sauce

Shake Shirako Shoyaki – Grilled Salmon Fish Sperm

Mie Hiogigai Cheese Yaki - Mie Nobel Scallop Baked Cheese

Mie Hiogigai Cheese Yaki – Mie Nobel Scallop Baked Cheese

Chef Special Sashimi - Serving from Norwegian Salmon, Striped Jack, Yellow Tail Snapper, Scampi, Jumbo Shrimp, Butterfish, Octopus, Ark Shell up to Meji Tuna belly sashimi

Chef Special Sashimi – Serving from Botan Ebi, Hokaido Uni, Shima Aji, Salmon Belly, Rock Fish, Love Hotate, Kanpachi and Fresh Sanma.

Cha Soba

Cha Soba – Soba with Macha Flavour eat with dipping sauce


From the moment you step through Ishin’s doorway, you’ll experience a warm and cozy ambience as Ishin’s interior design and lighting will set the mood right to get you started on an exquisite Japanese culinary journey.

Ishin's oval sushi counter

Ishin’s oval sushi counter

Ishin's Tatami Seating

Ishin’s Tatami Seating

Ishin’s oval sushi counter is also one of Malaysia’s biggest counters that gives you first-hand experience to witness the chefs’ meal preparations and it also encourages face-to-face interaction with the chefs.

Private rooms and Tatami seating are also available giving you flexibility to host private events and corporate functions in a comfortable setting where free valet services are also extended to dinner guests as an added convenience.

For more information on Ishin, you may visit their website at

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