IMG_4980If you have Korean friends, you might heard the name of a famous restaurant in Busan, Korea named Yoogane, Yoogane apparently is a restaurant that serves a tasty and spicy stir fried chicken dish with gochujang, vegetables, and rice known as dak galbi.

It is a popular restaurant in a busy shopping area. At any given time, the restaurant is usually filled with the younger crowd on a date or those looking to have a few drinks along with a cheap and filling meal. Following the success of Yoogane outlets in Singapore, Yoogane recently has opened it’s first outlet in Malaysia located at One Utama, Damansara.

If you are new to Yoogane or Korean Food but would like to try it out, here are some of the highly recommended foods:

cheese chicken galbiCheese Chicken Galbi (RM 89.90/ 3-4pax)

Cheese Chicken Galbi is their Chef’s Specialties where is was made with their unique spicy sauce (not really spicy actually) marinated with tender chicken meat and fresh vegetables, surrounded by a layer of melted cheese for that extra omph!

otopus and chicken galbi

Chicken Galbi with Chukkumi Octopus (RM 32.90 / pax)

For those who would like to have the dish all by him/her self, you may want to condsider to have it’s Chicken Galbi with Chukkumi Octopus. This dish are also their Chef Specialties dish where it was made for your taste buds enjoyment.

marinated chicken bugogi

Marinated Chicken Bulgogi (RM 26.90 / pax)

For Bulgogi lovers, this premium tender chicken marinated with Bulgogi seasoning will be the best choice for your meal. It is made specially for those who cant take much spicy foods.

korean style seafood pancakeKorean Style Seafood Pancake (RM 25.90 / plate)

This is the signature side dish of Yoogane and is an absolute favorite for all. This pancake are mixed with fresh seafood and also vegetables. Suitable to go with any kind of main meals.



Their recent grand opening launch on 24th February 2017 has been officiated by Buy All Food’s (owner of Yoogane Korea) CEO, Mr. Gweon and Yoogane Malaysia’s CEO, Mr. David Yang.

For more information on Yoogane, visit their facebook at

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