There is a seafood restaurant at Bandar Puteri, Puchong that was packed with people everyday without fail. It’s called Ocean Seafood Restaurant. They are well know of cheap seafoods in town. This shop is suitable for seafood lovers who would like to have an affordable meal. Whether you are eating alone or in a group, there is always dishes for you.

For lone eater, they have rice value meals sets that comes with either fillets, squid, chicken or prawn with different cookings. All of it comes with a herbal tea and a soup of the day. The price ranges from RM 8.90 nett to RM 9.90 nett and its only available from Monday to Friday (11am-5pm).








Those who would like to have something special besides rice, you might want to try out their special noodles with seafoods.

img_3238They have 3 types of seafood noodles; Curry Seafood Crab Pot, Seafood Crab Pot and XO Seafood Crab Pot at RM 19.90 only.

Its is very filling and can be eaten by 2 person.

For those who come in a group. you may try out some of their well known seafood dishes.









This shop, it’s well known with their crabs. You will never fail to see crab dishes on every table. You may choose either M size crab 3 at RM 50 OR XXL Crab (minimum 2) for RM 90 per kg.

You have the options to choose the type of cooking style that you want; Kam Heong, Marmite, Superior Soup, Steamed Egg White, Indonesian Style, Salted Egg, Sweet and Sour, Chilie, Buttermilk, Spicy Buttermilk, Curry (add RM 5) and Drunken Pot (add RM 5). You may add its signature fried bun at RM 6 to dip with the crabs gravy.

Besides the crabs, you may also consider a few more signature dishes in this shop such as:

1) Squid with Vietnamese Style (RM 15)                                       2) Stir Fried Chinese Spinach with Garlic (RM 8)








3) Grouper cooked in Ocean Seafood Signature                      4) Indonesian Style Prawn (RM 15)  or Sea Prawn (RM 25)           Claypot Steam (RM 15)










5) Yam Ring with Switzerland Chicken Wing (RM 28)

Even if you are not a seafood lovers, there are also many dish choices for your selection.

For more information on Ocean Seafood Restaurant, visit

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