With Pokemon GO launching in yet another region today – welcome to the party, Japan! – I thought it might be a good time to remind everyone that even though Pokemon fever is still running strong, there is still a time and a place for Pokemon hunting. To be a little more specific, there are a few places you should avoid playing at all costs, no matter how strong the temptation is.

Don’t Play Pokemon GO at Your Wedding

I’d say this one should be obvious, but let’s be honest with ourselves here: given the popularity of this game, someone is bound to try it. Pokemon GO can do a lot of good things for a relationship – it can encourage couples to get exercise together and give them something to bond over. However, I’m guessing that the subject of your eternal love and affection might not like being upstaged by a Pokemon at the altar. Yes, they probably wouldn’t appreciate it even if Mewtwo appeared.

Don’t Play Pokemon GO on a First Date, For that Matter

You know, let’s just take that last entry a bit further and say that you probably shouldn’t play Pokemon GO on a first date, either. Granted, if you and your date decide ahead of time to go on a Pokemon hunting extravaganza instead of doing the tired old dinner and a movie thing, knock yourself out, but continuously glancing down at your phone when your attention should be on your date isn’t a good look. Save any Pokemon-related confessions you have for the second (or third!) date. Resist the urge to immediately tell your date that you’re a Pokemon Master. It’ll definitely be there, but for the love of all that is good, resist.

Pokemon GODon’t Play Pokemon GO at a Job Interview

Another one that should go without saying, but having worked plenty of years in retail, I’ve seen it all. From people who show up in flip flops and shorts to people who say they should be hired because of the number of Twitter followers they have, there is very little left to surprise when it comes to weird interview moments. Some might pull out their phone thinking they’re being funny and topical, or with the notion that maybe Pokemon GO will provide some common ground between them and the interviewer.

Do not do this. Pokemon GO is great and given the number of people playing, there’s a good chance the person interviewing you might actually play the game in their free time. Be that as it may, I can guarantee that pulling out your phone to catch a quick Pidgey will only result in a lot of extra time to play Pokemon GO and no extra money to spend on PokeCoins.

So there you have it. The standard warnings still apply here, in that you shouldn’t be playing Pokemon as you walk across the street or drive in your car, but don’t do any of the above either. When temptation strikes and you’re in a place where you shouldn’t be playing a game, remember that humans became one of the dominant species on Earth because of the size of their brains relative to other mammals and try to use that fact to your advantage. Happy hunting!

Taeki's hobby is to write lifestyle pieces according to his own style. He loves foods and tech stuffs! If there is any foods or tech reviews, you can count Taeki in!

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