The poke bowl (fish salad), in all its mysterious glory. It’s a culinary conundrum that few on the continental U.S. can pronounce. (It’s POH-keh, by the way.)

Poke’s origins have deep roots. Native Hawaiians have long known the pleasures of seasoned raw seafood. Being surrounded by the ocean probably has something to do with it. These treasures have long been a staple in the Hawaiian islands for centuries, yet only now are they sweeping the world as a must-have food trend.

Poke began with fishermen seasoning the cut-offs from their catch to serve as a snack. Traditional poke seasonings have been heavily influenced by Japanese and other Asian cuisines. These include soy sauce, green onions, and sesame oil. Others include furikake (mix of dried fish, sesame seeds, and dried seaweed), chopped dried or fresh chili pepper, limu (seaweed), sea salt, inamona (roasted crushed candlenut), fish eggs, wasabi, and Maui onions. Other variations of poke may include cured heʻe (octopus), other types of raw tuna, raw salmon and various kinds of shellfish.

Poke is cooked and raw, hot and cold — all at the same time. It resembles a beautifully crafted Chipotle burrito bowl, but with a sushi twist; it’s both a comfort food and a healthy meal.

Paper Fish is the first a restaurant offering Poke Bowl in Malaysia. It was located at Taman TTDI. At the restaurant, you will find lots of different types of Poke Bowl available. Besides the uniqueness of the food, it is also a very healthy food for our body.

Whether you are a raw food lovers or a cooked food lovers, this place has it all. Paper Fish offers Shrimp (cooked), Salmon (raw) Tuna (raw) and also Vegetarian as the main protein choices.


Shrimp Ceviche Sea-Salt Shrimp Mango Salsa

  1. Shrimp Ceviche – Normal (RM 17.90). Fresh shrimp, pan-grilled to perfection with a Mexican twist. Warning: spicy level – high! Yes, there are Mexicans in Hawaii too! Topped with Carrot, Japanese Cucumber, Onions and Sweet Corn.
  2. Sea-salt Shrimp – Spicy (RM 15.90). The tomgue-twister from the ocean! Fresh shrimp, pan-grilled to perfection and lightly salted for a wholesome finish! Topped with Carrot, Cherry, Tomatoes, Edamame and Sweet Corn.
  3. Mango Salsa – Refreshing (RM 17.90). For mango lovers! Fresh shrimp, pan-grilled to perfection and uniquely marinated with our mango salsa sauce for a refreshing taste! Topped with Edamame, Japanese Cucumber, Mango and Sweet Corn.


Umami Shoyu Salmon Heat Wave Citrus-san

  1. Umami Shoyu Salmon – Original (RM 16.90). Classic poke, done the Hawai way! Fresh salmon, well-marinated with Japanese Shoyu and our House Sauce. Topped with Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Japanese Cucumber and Onions.
  2. Heat Wave – Spicy (RM 17.90). Spicy and creamy salmon exploding – in your mouth! Fresh salmon with a power-packed marination of Sriracha sauce. A spicy and creamy explosion in your mouth. Topped with Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Onions and Sweet Corn.
  3. Citrus-San – Refreshing (RM 17.90). Salmon splashed with our secret lime sauce! Fresh salmon, well-marinated with our secret lime sauce that is oh-so-refreshing. Topped with Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Japanese Cucumber and Onions.


Umami Shoyu Tuna Cili Tuna Tropical Tuna

  1. Umami Shoyu Tuna – Normal (RM 16.90). Fresh tuna, well-marinated with Japanese Shoyu and our House Sauce. Classic poke don the Hawaii way! Topped with Cherry, Tomatoes, Edamame, Japanese Cucumber and Onions.
  2. Cili Tuna – Spicy (RM 17.90). Add some spice in your life! Fresh tuna, well-marinated with our favorite cili padi. Sure to blow you away! Topped with Cherry Tomatoes, Edamame, Japanese Cucumber and Onions.
  3. Tropical Tuna – Refreshing (RM 17.90). Homely comfort food served in a bowl. Fresh tuna, uniquely drenched in our classified pineapple marination to give you a refreshing taste Topped with Carrot, Cherry Tomatoes, Pineapple, Edamame and Sweet Corn.

Cado BowlVegetarian

  1. Cado Bowl (RM 15.90). Fresh avocados to fill up your poké-bowl, for the vegetarians! For the ones who have chosen to live a greener path! Topped with Carrot, Cherry, Tomatoes, Japanese Cucumber, Mango and Sweet Corn.

There were a few flavours in these protein choices that cater to different tastebuds. They have Spicy flavour, Refreshing flavour and Vegetarian. At the sametime, you may have a choice of getting Brown Rice, White Rice, Baby Greens or Quinoa (top up RM 1.90) as its base to complete the whole meal.

Thinking it is not filling enough? You are wrong. The portion of the bowl is very big and it is good for one person. If you still feels it is not filling enough, you may also upsize the bowl to a bigger one at only RM 6.00.

All bowls will be topped with Ebiko, Sesame Seed, Furikaka and Seaweed Flakes. You will also have a choice to top-up some super food for RM 1.50 (Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Poppy Seeds or Sunflower Seeds), RM 1.90 (Almond, Chashew, Chuka Wakame, or Walnut) or RM 2.50 (Avocado, Crispy Salmon Skin, Pomegranate Seeds or Sous-vide Egg).

With every lunch purchase of Poke Bowl, Paper Fish currently offers a top up of RM 5 to get Sous-vide Egg (worth RM 2.50), Sparkling Honey drink (worth RM 6.90) or a Hot Tea (worth RM 5.90).

Paper FishAt Paper Fish, they serve authentic Hawaiian poké! Fresh cuts of sashimi salmon and tuna are cubed and well-marinated with our secret sauces to create different flavors that are unique and yummy

Served with a variety of sides that are handpicked to bring out the best of your poké. Pair it with a base of your choice (fragrant white rice, nutritious brown rice, power packed quinoa) for a complete and wholesome meal!

Paper Fish Bringing you the best of Hawaii, with the promise that our fresh poké will satisfy you at any time of the day. Opens from 10am to 10pm at TTDI. Waze here:

For more information on Paper Fish, visit

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