This year 2017 marks the 38th anniversary of OSIM internationally. Bringing together the best in home healthcare and healthy lifestyle products, OSIM has curated a host of exclusive in-store activities to commemorate this milestone from September 2017 onwards as OSIM kicks off its 38th anniversary celebration.

“OSIM has experienced tremendous success over the last 38 year globally,” said OSIM Malaysia General Manager Chia Sook Fun. “Enhancing our customers’ well-being is at the heart of everything we do at OSIM. We’re always developing and innovating—creating new products, striving to be the best we can be, for this year and many years to come.”

FBB+uLove+Table_Easy-Resize.comHaving over millions of satisfied customers worldwide, OSIM is the brand widely known for its high performance pampering massage chairs. The luxurious OSIM uLove massage chair combines three complementing elements – a pampering massage from mind to body, head-to-toe and an immerse Audio System for Deeper Mental Relaxation, to satisfy all the senses and improves quality of sleep.

As an exclusive offer in conjunction with OSIM’s 38th anniversary, the uLove Massage chair now comes packaged with an entertainment stand – a new feature built for uLove massage chair specifically crafted for users to enjoy a good body massage while watching their favorite entertainment programs.

The brilliantly designed uLove Massage Chair has received overwhelming response from fans world-wide since its release. Particularly, in Malaysia, homemaker Madam Ivy Lew, 33, who suffered from sleep deprivation, said OSIM uLove Massage Chair has helped her to fall asleep faster.

“The uLove Massage Chair is very comfortable and easy to operate. I enjoyed its wide range of massage programs which are professionally designed to meet the different needs of my family members,” Ivy commented. “OSIM uLove Massage Chair delivers the most dynamic massage at 7 levels of 3D selection at the shoulders, lumbar and butt.”

Mr. Willie Koh, a 40-year-old IT profession, praised the uLove Massage Chair’s intelligent features. He elaborated, “With a simple Bluetooth connection to my smartphone, I’m able to download latest lifestyle massage programs for my uLove Massage Chair so that I can have more massage options to enjoy.”

The quality and workmanship of OSIM uLove Massage Chair has impressed Mr. Andrew Teh, 43. He commented, “OSIM uLove Massage Chair combines style with functionality and fits seamlessly with the rest of the décor in my living room.”

Ms. Charmaine Chen, a 37 years old Saloon Owner also shared her pleasant experience with uLove Massage Chair. She commented, “I used to think that that all massage chairs were bulky and took up too much space. But the OSIM uLove Massage Chair just blew me away with its elegant and comfortable seat that resembles first class seats on airlines.” She continued, “Other than that, it gives me the right massage intensity to relieve stress from head to toe.”

uLove+Table_Easy-Resize.comTo make the celebration merrier, OSIM also released a limited-edition gold coloured uLove Massage Chair in celebrating their 38th anniversary.

There are only 66 units of this 38th Anniversary OSIM Limited Edition Gold Colour uLove Massage Chair available, which retails at RM 19988. A side table has also been included to complement the uLove Massage Chair that fit any area of your home.

The OSIM Limited Edition Gold Colour uLove Massage Chair is available at all OSIM outlets across the nation as well as its upcoming roadshow. Log on to for more details.

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