img_3079Buying a new phone every year has always been a wish to everyone. Who doesn’t wants a new upgrades every year?

But how many of us could afford to do that?

Recognizing the needs of the consumer, CompAsia has launched its first new programme named “ReNew+” to make buying new smartphone every year more affordable for the consumer.

img_3076img_3078It allows consumer to pay a low monthly for new iphone 7 and 7+ and and trade them back after 12 months for the next generation phone without hassle on any upgrading or termination fees.

screen-shot-2016-10-28-at-3-28-12-pmCompAsia also offers Maybank EzyPay interest-free installment plan up to 24 months and they are working with more others banks credit cards to offer to consumers soon.

img_3077With low monthly repayments and no upfront payment, “ReNew+” also comes bundled with “Phone Guard” that provides a one-year free protection for cracked screens.

The phone upgrades for “ReNew+” will also be uniquely carrier-independent as it free users from having to be locked to a single carrier for 2 years.

img_3074   img_3075CompAsia will also be expanding into other high-end Andriod devices by early next year.

All these offers are available at CompAsia website or any of their participating outlet.

You can also choose either registered delivery or self collect at any o their participating Apple stores too.

For more details you may check out their website at

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  1. Great! So nice!! Will look into it. Seems good


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