Many of us loves Nando’s. We can even order of favourite dishes without reading the menu. We tend to have the same order each time we are at Nando’s. Issn’t it a bit too boring for you?

This year, Nando’s kicks-off 2018 with a bang as they introduce an explosion of flavours in their latest offering, the Coco-Cataplana. Only available in Malaysia and nowhere else in the world, Nando’s delivers this delectable delight to tantalise the taste buds of Malaysians by infusing its infamous PERi-PERi sauce with coconut.

The tempting dish comes with ¼ flamed-grilled PERi-PERi Chicken with your flavour of choice be it Lemon & Herb, Mango & Lime, Mild, Hot or Extra Hot, slathered in a unique Coconut and PERi-PERi mix, on a bed of mediterranean rice with a special Cataplana sauce, grilled vegetables and lime and coriander garnish. To fully satisfy those taste buds, the Coco-Cataplana is best paired with Citrus Iced Tea as a thirst quencher. For a burst of flavor, add-on your favourite sides and enjoy the Coco-Cataplana solo or shared by two people.



Citrus Iced Tea

Citrus Iced Tea

Priced at only RM29.90, this mouth-watering concoction brings the best of South Africa, Portugese and Malaysian essence together in a palatable mix. Available for dine-in in all Nando’s restaurants throughout the country, the Coco-Cataplana hits menus from the 8th of January onwards.

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