In order for us as travellers to have a taste oft he local. Local shopping and foods will be something that we wouldn’t want to missed.

In Yogjakarta, Jalan Malioboro is one of the best shopping place for locals and tourists. While excitingly shopping on the street, foods are one of the thing that we will have hunt for!

Located 600m away from Jalan Malioboro (near Tugu), there is one local restaurant named Mdm Tan Resto. Mdm Tan Resto is a famous restaurant who serves indonesian foods where locals visit.

They offer delicacies from different places in Indonesia and some of the signature dishes are:

Jogja - Iga Sapi Bakar

Jogja – Iga Sapi Bakar

Jogja - Es Ronde

Jogja – Es Ronde

Jawa - Mie Goreng Jawa

Jawa – Mie Goreng Jawa

Acheh - Ayam Tangkap Acheh

Acheh – Ayam Tangkap Acheh

Western - Pizza

Western – Pizza

Of course there are more interesting dishes such as Iga Sambal Kecombang (Spicy Beef), Satay Tiga Rasa, Barongko (Dessert), Sarikayo (Durian), Es Ronde, Ais Cincau Kelapa Muda and many more.

Not a Indonesia food fans?

Not too worries, they also offers some western fusion food such as Spaghetti Ayam Rica-Rica, Spaghetti Rendang, Pizza Thin Crust or for those who wants to diet; Green Garden Salad.

If you are looking for a decent meal with comfortable environment, this is the place you must visit for either lunch or dinner.

For more information on Mdm Tan Resto, visit

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