For those who have visited German before, there were definitely some foods that you will miss when you come back such as Pork Knuckle, Sausages and many more.

If you are cravings for yummy authentic German Meal, Brozeit is one of the best German restaurant that you must not miss visiting. At Brozeit, it offers the finest authentic modern German cuisine with a great range of biers from the Paulaner family.

It is definitely an ideal place to experience German’s savoring foods served up by native Bavarian, Chef Helmut Murmann; an experienced chef who have served 5 star hotels of Sheraton, Best Western, Seri Pacific and many more before.

Below are some of the food highlights that is recommended by eRayn3;

Crispy Chicken SaladStarter:

  • Crispy Chicken Salad (RM 37) Mixed salad with crispy chicken fillet, potto salad, semi-dried tomatoes, sweet corn, cucumbers and pumpkin seed oil tossed with house dressing.

Meat Loaft Burger

Lunch Menu

  • Meat Loaft Burger (RM 19) German style meatloaf topped with a fried egg & bacon in a homemade brioche bun with fries.

Pork & Bacon Burger

Dinner Special

  • Pork & Bacon Burger (RM 38) Herman’s homemade juicy pork burger served with bacon slices & spiced french fries.

family platter

Parents Days Platter (RM 188 for 4 pax – valid till end of June 2017)

Indulge your parents in Chef Helmut’s specially crafted Parent Month Platter.

The platter includes half a crispy pork knuckle, choice of honey or lemon baked ribs, pork schnitzel, Thuringia Bratwrust and sides of fries and Asian salad.


Apple Fritter choc lava cake

  • Choc Lava Cake (RM 20). Chef’s version of molten lava cake with white chocolate in a crispy outer shell.
  • Apple Fritters (RM 16) Slices of cinnamon-sugar dusted apple fritters served with homemade vanilla sauce.

german beerBeers Highlights:

  • AfftenSaft –A combination of Weissbier with Mango Juice. It’s one of the best seller beer in their restaurant..
  • Schwazer (RM 23) – A combination of Weissbier with Cola.non alcoholic beer
  • Radler (“Cyclist”) (RM 23)– A combination of Original Muncher Lager Beer with Lamonde.
  • Apfelbier (RM 23) – A combination of Original Muncher Lager Beer with Apple Juice.
  • Paulaner Alkoholfrei Hefe-Weissbier (RM 22) – A drink that taste like beer but it is not truly beer. Why do we say that? It was because it’s a non alcoholic beer that taste exactly like a beer.

Of course they also offers a wide range of lunch and dinner set menus that caters to different taste buds.

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