To date, there are more than 2,000 recorded uses for the legendary and versatile WD-40® Multi-Use Product, which has become a garage staple in many homes, the world over.

But its varied uses may not be familiar to the uninitiated. And for all the uses and convenience to life this simple oil spray can bring, it would be a mistake if one just pigeonholes it as nothing more than just a must-have for automotive upkeep or to grease an old hinge.

Take the incredible uses the WD-40® has in cleaning and maintaining one’s sports equipment and recreational tools – something any sports enthusiast should take note of. For the condition of one’s equipment or tool, which any amateur or professional can attest to, can determine how a game turns out.

CycleSeatBolt CycleCables

Bicycle gears, disc brake on mountain bike


From being an anti-rust agent to a lubricant, to driving moisture out from bicycle chains, here are some uses that we would like to share for those who take their SPORTS & FUN, seriously.

Remove stickers or sticky adhesives from bicycleGolf clubs

  1. Keeps camping gear free from rustx
  2. Keeps dirt and mud from sticking to outdoor recreational gear, removes gunk ie: golf clubs etc
  3. Cleans bowling balls, golf club shafts, golf balls, remote control model helicopter
  4. Cleans gum out of skateboard axles, removes gunk from rollerblade bearings, cleans grease and grime on bicycle gears and derailleurs
  5. Drives moisture out to keep your equipment safe and dry
    (It can be buckles on your scuba diving belt, the jet ski spark plugs, used fishing waders, lifejacket turnbuckles, wet bicycle chains… Basically just about anything that got wet and you needed it to be moisture-free for safe keeping or future use!)
  6. Helps remove rust from pins in weightlifting equipment
  7. Helps break in shoe portion on new roller skates, softball mitts…you get the picture
  8. Loosens frozen boat parts, stuck golf cart parts, joints of costume, rusted nuts on volleyball net, rusted screws on board ships and frozen bolts and nuts on bicycle
  9. Lubricates folding tent pole joints, gear sprockets on mountain bikes, pedals on wheelchairs, gears on exercise bikes/carts/etc, paintball gun barrel…(It even lubricates and cleans prosthetic arms, legs, ankle braces, and more!)

skatesMost of the time, a simple spray and wipe is all you need to do, whether you are looking to clean, degrease, lubricate, loosen or condition a tool/equipment or surface. For those dried gunk or gum, just leave on a few minutes and then remove with a few wipes!

To know more about how WD-40 works for you, check out WD-40’s website at

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