Non HalalWe have eaten foods from starters to main menus to desserts and pork has always been served as the mains. Pork ribs steaks are no strangers to us but do you know that there are many other foods that pork could serve?

Ticklish Ribs & Wiches is a restaurants which serves all pork in their main menus. As true Porkaholics, Ticklish has went beyond BBQ ribs. Pork lovers should not miss this place where there are many choices of pork for different type of foods.

With 30 type of herbs, they have created from Starters to Rice to Pastas / Spaghetti to Buns & Sandwiches to Steaks and even Salads. Combine that with an Asian cooking style and you’ll know why our BBQ ribs are just bursting with flavors. Sticky and crackly on the outside.¬†Fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy on the inside.

Below are some of their highlighted foods in their menus that you could consider ordering (depending on your crave) when you were there:

BBQ Pork Ribs

Ultimate Tickle

  • BBQ Pork Ribs (RM 42.50)

Power pork ribs marinated with special recipe then fire into perfection.

It is tender and juicy inside while crackly on the outside. Dip in the cause and its get more yummy.

Happily HamSup

HamSap Tomhawk Salted Egg Friend Pasta

  • HamSup Tomhawk (RM 42.50). Marinated with special sauce and salted eggs, this is for the pork lovers who likes to get juicy fried meat at one go.
  • Salted Egg Fried Pasta (RM 16.98) A special salted egg pork ribs served with pasta. Specially made for pasta and salted eggs lovers.

Cheeky Chilli

IMG_6037 You Braised Me Up Rice

  • Chilli Sambal Fried Rice with Pork Chop (RM 14.15) The pork is marinated with chilli sambal which will definitely surprise you.
  • You Braise Me Up Rice (RM 24.53) The rice are mixed with pork oil that makes it feels like sticky rice are served with braised pork belly with juicy fat. Pork fat lovers you will love this.

Koochy Koos

Curry Sloppy Fried Freaky Friens

  • Curry Sloppy Fries with minced pork cheese (RM 13.21) Pan fried with layer of crunch then tickle with a rich curry gravy.
  • Freaky Fries (RM 11.32) Served with special minced sauce which taste like minced pork rice.

ticklish special drinksSpecial Drinks

Of course not forgetting to check out on their special drinks like Bandit Barbie (RM 12.26), Yolo (RM 13.21) and Worms in Mud (RM 13.21).

You will surely enjoy their restaurants ambience as it was full of story behind these foods that being served there.


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Ticklish Sign


This place will definitely makes you crazy for pig. Like what their sign says “Confirm Gila Babi”.

For more information on their menu, visit

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