qing dynastyChinese cuisine is an important part of Chinese culture. This is the main reason why Chinese cuisine has been well known for its finest exquisite food culinary.

Have you ever think that you might have a chance to taste the exquisite food taken by the China’s Imperial Qing Dynasty?

Chinese imperial cuisine in the Qing dynasty was developed basing on the traditional diet of the Manchu ethic group and Shandong cuisine. The famous Manchu Han Imperial Feats was created during this dynasty.

simmer_huang_21102015-0A newly opened restaurant, Simmer Huang by Hui Lau Shan at Pavilion Elite is the one and only restaurant that you could have an experience on one of the famous cuisine in Malaysia.

Simmer Huang – Three Sauce Simmer Pot was originated from the “Spicy Fish” in the Imperial Cuisine of Wing Dynasty. Borrowing imperial recipes from the Wing Dynasty and those passed down from generations, Simmer Huang specializes in a unique simmer cooking processes, using medical herbs to come up with nutritionally balanced Chinese dishes.

2017-01-23 14.37.12Simmer Huang’s amazing aroma comes aroma unique cooking technique – the art of simmering. Using juices from over ten nutritious vegetables (it includes; Garlic, Red Dates, Carrots, Onions, Celery, Sweet Potato, Red Chilies, Green Chilies, Small Potatoes, Berries and many more) , and sauces from many tasty ingredients, it makes for mouth-watering flavour without using a drop of water. The food is not fried, nor deep fried and the simmering process doesn’t get affected by air, so all the vitamins and protein are kept intect for your healthy and delicious enjoyment. For those who loves healthy herbs foods this is one of the restaurant that you wouldn’t want to miss.

IMG_4584This Chinese New Year, Simmer Huang has come out with 2 new year package for 2-4 pax; Reunion Package at RM 228 and Fortune Package at RM 208. All these sets comes with a special Hui Lau Shan Prosperity Lou Sang and 1 jug of Luo Han Guo or 2 pot of Chinese Tea – Xiang Pian / Pu Er.

As the appetizer, you may choose either their Signature Vinegar Peanut / Tofu with Preserved Egg / Mushroom Bites / Mango Prawn. Of course you may also additional add-on it’s signature dish Simmer Huang Octopus too.

IMG_4629 IMG_4628IMG_4621





For the main pot dishes you may choose; Red Snapper & Cod Fillet Pot / Assorted Seafood Pot (Reunion Package) and Assorted Pork Pot / Pork & Fungus Pot with (Fortune Package) with either Classic Sauce / Seafood Sauce / Spicy Sauce / Hot & Spicy / Soy Sauce.

IMG_4632    IMG_4642IMG_4653




And some add-ons on Chef Special Cuttlefish Paste, Fired Fish Skin, Emperor Vegetable, Fried Beancurd Crust and Potato Vermicelli.

IMG_4668 IMG_4667IMG_4671


Enjoy it’s dessert mango feast specially made by Hui Lau Shan. This is a super yummy deserts that you woudn’t want to miss.

For more information, http://bit.ly/2koxx6B

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