Recently there are an increasing numbers of iPhone users complained about the phone freezing up and becoming unresponsive to touch. This issue even has a deadly sounding name:’Touch Disease’.

Apple has never officially acknowledge the problem, but the independent iPhone repair shops have said that is easily one of the most common issues that people need to fix.

Do does your iPhone on the fritz? Here’s what you need to know about the ‘touch disease’.

How can you tell you iPhone has touch disease?

18028-16100-defect-top-l-lThe most visible symptoms is a flickering grey bar at the top of your iPhone screen.

But the flickering screen isn’t the only symptom. Frequently, users report that after the grey bar starts flickering, the screen becomes intermittently unresponsive across the entire display.

What phones are affected?

The most commonly affected model is the iPhone 6 Plus that first wnet on sale in 2014.

This issue has been reported in the iPhone 6, iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus as well, but at a lower rates.

What should i take note on when sending for repair?

If your iPhone is cracked, you may think those cracks are causing lack of responsiveness. But in fact, you could have touch disease as well.

By replacing the cracked screen will not fix the problem if it’s a touch disease issue – in fact, you might get a new screen that is still unresponsive to touch.

Additionally, if Apples gives you a replacement device (if your phone is still under warranty), it’s probably a refurbished device, and it could be suffering from touch disease as well.

What the problem actually?

screen-shot-2016-10-03-at-4-44-21-pmAccording to one of the recent case, on iPhone board, it actually has 2 ‘IC’ chips that ‘convert the touches on the touchscreen into actions’.

Apparently, this logic board bends during regular use, which means the connections between the two IC chips become separated from the logic board. The solder simply breaks.

What is the solution?

You can either replace the entire logic board, or to re solder the IC chips back onto the existing, possibly warped, logic board.


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