rsz_li_restaurantA contemporary Malaysian neighbourhood restaurant located in the heart of Damansara Jaya (beside Atria Shopping Center), is influenced by local culture and ingredients. They strive in making handcrafted food and drink with a contemporary touch, all in a simple and casual setting.

The restaurant name LI are a combination of the 3 young owner’s name Lee and 2 Lim’s, their goal is to create comfort food for its guest who visit them. If you happen to visit their shop, you will realised that many of their guest comes from the nearby neighborhoods. During the weekdays, you will see many of the working adults nearby would visit their shop for a comfort food after a long hard day working. As for the weekends, you will definitely see many families coming into their store.

Some of their signature dishes are:

rsz_pork_toast rsz_housemade_sourdough_with_sous_vide_kayarsz_house_rice_bowlrsz_ikan_bilis_congeersz_charred_spiced_cauliflowerrsz_braised_pork_belly

  1. Pork Toast served with chilies, mayo and herbs
  2. Housemade Sourdough served with sous vide kaya
  3. House Rice Bowl served with chicken thigh, soft egg, chili mayo, ginger, scallion and cucumber
  4. Ikan Bilis Congee served with dehydrated kai lan, spring onion puree, soft egg and fish sauce caramel
  5. Charred Spiced Cauliflower served with yoghurt and dukkah
  6. Braised Pork Belly served with pork glaze, egg, charred lettuce and potatoes

rsz_lychee_bowlThey do also have special made dessert named Lychee Bowl which is served with coconut milk, meringu and lime.

Next time when you are near Damansara Jaya or Atria shopping center, try to look for this shop located just beside Atria shopping center. It’s at the center of the shoplots facing Atria inward entrance door.

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