During the month of Ramadhan, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur presents diners with an elaborate spread of traditional specials and popular Malay specialties at its Citarasa Malaysia bufett.

All Time Specials

A not-to be missed dishes are all-time specials, Bubur Lambok and Signature Sup Ekor, which many consider to be comfort food. You will definitely enjoy their savory specials like Gulai Nenas Ikan Talang Masin, Sambal Udang Berpetai, Ketam Goreng Mentega and Sotong Tumis Jintan.

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Malay Specialties

Be thirlled with Malay specialties like Burung Puyuh Special Goreng Berkunyit, Paru Goreng Berlada, Tempe Goreng Berempah and many more. Highly recommended are a few popular dishes such as Signature Roast Lamb “Kuzi” style with Nasi Briyani, Rendang Minang Itik and Nasi Kerabu Bunga Telang served with Burung Puyuh and Ayam Percik.

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Local Traditional Salads (Ulam)

There is also an extensive spread of local traditional salads found in various parts of Malaysia to whet diners’ appetite, such as Kerabu Pucuk Paku Kerang, Kerabu Perut, Kerabu Jantung Pisang, Som Tam Mango dan Betik and Kerabu Paru Air Asam.


Signature Desserts

To complete the gastronomic journey, diners can indulge in signature desserts like Serawa Durian, Sweet Apam Balik, Tapai Pulut, Bubur Pulut Hitam and an exquisite array of local nyonya kuih.

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Besides the festive delicacies that is offered, Dorsett Kuala Lumpur has its regular individual cooking stalls dishing out Seafood Steamboat, Goreng-Goreng delights and variety of local fruits and Ais Kacang.

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2017-04-06 20.31.49The “Citarasa Malaysia” Bufett is available from 7:00pm till 10:30pm nightly at the newly-renovated Checkers Café (Level 1) and is priced at RM 99 nett per adult. Early Bird vouchers are available for purchase until 25th May 2017 at RM 79 nett per person. During the festive buffet, diners also get to enjoy the soothing rhythms of game land background music while breaking fast and also lucky draw prizes with friends and beloved.

For more information, call 03 2716 1010 or email to info.kualalumpur@dorsetthotels.com

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  1. The most unique thing about Eid in Malaysia is perhaps the long-standing tradition of ‘open houses’ held at almost every residence, which showcases Malaysia’s harmonious multicultural existence the best. On this day, the house is ‘open’ to all guests – regardless of social status, religion and race – just enjoying good food, good company and a good time.


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