Joyous SeafoodIf you are looking for a great place for chilling out and you happen to be in Sri Petaling, you may want to consider coming to Joyous Place located at Jalan Radin Anum here.

This place has 3 sections that accommodate to different people with different needs. For FAMILY, Joyous Seafood Restaurant are one of the place where one could get great varieties of fresh seafood.

Some of the highly recommended foods in Joyous Place are:













  • Premium Fresh Oyster (RM 45 per dozen) **
  • Garlic Pork Belly (RM 12 per stick) **
  • Shitake – Mushroom (RM 6 per stick)
  • Scalop (RM 12 per stick)
  • Surume Ika – Squid (RM 28 per plate) **
  • Beef (RM 15 per stick)
  • Chicken Wings (RM 8 per stick) **
  • Ebi Tempura – Prawn (RM 18 per plate)
  • Salmon (RM 30 per plate)
  • Soft Shell Crab Karage (RM 25 per plate)
  • Aburi Salmon Salad (RM 20 per plate)

** Highly Recommended

The foods served are also specially designed to go with champagne and wine too. And of course a great news for those adults who enjoy wine while having their dinner, there are lots of varieties of high grade champagne and wine are available for selection too.

IMG_4809For those who would like to chill out after a long day with FRIENDS, Joyous Wine Bar. This place is designed in such away that you could rest and chill with their high graded wines in the house.

You will be served a sum of cheese and crackers for free when you order any champagne or wine from them. P/s: The cheese are so yummy…

Joyous Wine Bar

Joyous Wine Bar 1






At the same time, you may also enjoy your dinner by ordering foods from it’s Seafood Restaurant’s kitchen too.

joyous clubJoyous Place most exclusive section are specially designed for any BUSINESS and PRIVATE FUNCTIONS are named Joyous Club, located on top of the Seafood Restaurant and Wine Bar.

At Joyous Club, you and your guest may have enjoy many activities in the clubs such as singing karaoke, playing pianos or even hiring any of the band to come over for performance. At Joyous Club too, there are many high end wines are available for your guest enjoyment too.

All these are available at one place where specially made for you according to your needs.

You may also enjoy Happy Hour promotions up to 20% discounts on it’s wine and up to 15% on its foods from 4pm-8pm daily.

Joyous Place are open daily (except Sunday) from 4pm to 1am. For more information on Joyous Place, please visit it’s Facebook at

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