Chili’s has been welcoming guests with our sizzling personality and serving up a good time, every time. Our fun and energetic atmosphere is the perfect place for family and friends to gather together and enjoy a delicious meal.

Recently they have launched a limited time new menu for their food lovers to enjoy:

Chicken Fried Chicken with Green Chile Sauce

Chicken Fried Chicken with Green Chile Sauce (RM 33.95)

A classic Chilli’s favourite now better! Golden chicken breast resting on green chilie sauce and mashed potatoes. Topped with warm country gravy, beef bacon (on the side) bits and slaw. Served with a side of roasted corn.


Chicken and Biscuit Bowl


Chicken and Biscuit Bowl (RM 32.95)

Plump pieces of smoked, shredded chicken on mashed potatoes. Topped with warm country gravy and fresh cilantro. Served with roasted corn, chile broccoli and a flaky homemade biscuit with Honey-Chipotle butter.


Roasted Poblano Cheeseburger


Roasted Poblano Cheeseburger (RM 31.95)

Hearty cheeseburger with fresh guacamole, mixed heese blend, roasted jalapeno and pcikled red onions. Served with homestyles fries and house-made garlic dill pickles.


Puffy Tacos with Grilled Chicken


Puffy Tacos with Grilled Chicken (RM 26.95)

Two crisp puffy tacos. Each filled with tasty grilled chicken, a slice of avocado, slaw, pickled red onions, crumbled feta cheese, cilantro aioli and Santa Fe sauce. Served with rice and black beans with house made pico de gallo.


Texas Cheese Poppers

Texas Cheese Poppers (RM 15.95)

Breaded cheese bited with Monterey Jack, cheddar cheese & cilantro. Served with chipotle-Ranch sauce for dipping.

This promotions are for limited time only, hurry visit Chilies restaurants now before it’s too late!

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