With the recent increase in inflation, prices of many things including foods has increase at least 20%-25%. Out normal dinner consumed outside has increase from RM 6.00 to RM 7.50 at least per plate per pax for a decent dinner. With drinks, it’ will definitely be going up to at least RM 10 per person per meal.

In front of Jalan Cheras PGRM building, there is a Petronas station. Beside this Petronas station, there is coffee shop. In this coffee shop, there is a stall that are famous in selling its Hokkien Mee and also Hailam Mee, all cooked with charcoal.

file-26-10-2016-10-11-17-pmHow we could save more on your dinner here? If you are not a big eater, eRayn3 would like to recommend the dish and drink below:


One pax Hailam Mee. One pax of Hailam Mee (P/s: You could get more if you are ordering Hailam Kueh Tiow) that cost at RM 7.50 are big enough for 2 pax to consume.

Unless both of you are really hungry. This noodle are their signature dish and it is the most value for money’s dish.


For drinks, we will suggest you to order a teapot to tea. The best part of this shop is, you can order a tea pot for one pac (RM 2) or for two (RM 3).

We would suggest for you to order one pax teapot for two. It’s more than enough.

It can be refilled with hot water anyway in case that you needs more water.

2016-10-26-19-42-54In summary:

One pax Hailam Mee with one pax teapot tea will comes to a total of RM 9.50 cost dinner for 2 pax.

You are paying RM 4.75 per pax for a nice decent dinner.

Who says we can’t get nice food at a cheap price in town? Try this and you will never regret it.


P/s: It takes about 30mins to 1hr for the order to come depending on the crowd. If you are super hungry, please don’t go there.

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