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Melaka’s Famous Pak Hassan Mee Bodoh

Have you every heard of Mee Bodoh before? In Melaka there is one famous mee that cooked its mee and taugeh with chillie oil. The dish is simply a mee goreng kosong (without any meat or ingredients besides mee and taugeh). The way it is cooked are similar with the normal mee goreng.

Solutions for Dry Skin

Recently while checking on Murad's products that has been a hit in the market, I've realized they have an effective water-gel solutions that customized to dry skin solutions named Nurient-Charged Water Gel. The Nurient-Charged Water Gel helps to Lock moisture to skin (increase intention up to 5 days),Improve dry and dull Skin and Reduce appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and rough skin texture.

Sichuan Lab Cooks up an Authentic Yet Experimental Sensation

Set to become the new star of the Hong Kong’s dining scene in 2019, Sichuan Lab, soft opening in early February, will be a chic restaurant helmed by Kenny Chan, an internationally-recognised veteran chef with over 50 years of experience. Through harnessing his plethora of experience, he will have what it takes to incorporate modern creativity into authentic Sichuan cuisine, creating unique flavour...

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