coconut-shake-melakaCoconut shakes are invention from Melaka. It starts to go viral when the news on coconut shake has been published online and goes viral. Many outstation visitors came to Melaka just to test it out.

Since it has gone viral, there has always been a long que in that shop and it has always been that way till today. But recently, there was many complained that it has been very disappointing when visiting the coconut shake shop.

Coconut-Shake-Batu-Berendam-Melaka-2-1024x1024_Easy-Resize.comThe comment is that the shop standard has dropped. There were news saying that the shop have resort to another cheaper ice cream instead of Walls ice cream. We have recently found out many of the locals have divert their visits to another coconut shake shop that is located at Batu Berendam.

From the shop we can see a long que but it only takes about 3-5 minutes to be serve by the staff. They have more than 10 grinder to produce the coconut

Besides coconut shake, there were also more varieties of foods and kuih available at that store for your selection.

It’s really a better place to hang out with friends at the same time enjoying the best Coconut Shake that is available in town.

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  1. Okay… now I know where to have coconut date to quench my thirst. ?


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