We have heard before Teng Chai Chuk (Boat Porridge) in some of the Hong Kong Dramas. But how many of u really had a real authentic Ten Chai Chuk before?

IMG_3165Do you know that in one of the hidden lane (Alisan Street) in Taman Bahagia, there is a well known stall who sells authentic Teng Chai Chuk (receipe from Hong Kong) for more than 25 years?

The stall owner Lock has started the stall in 1993 after he being inspired by his culinary stint in Hong Kong. Ten years ago, the stall has been taken over by his son, Kenny. Since then the business has been expanded to more dishes varieties that are aligned with their food stall’s theme.

After the dishes expansion, the business has become even more prosper and they have shifed to a better and bigger space in Aman Suria and has been named Kenny’s Food Cart.

Below are some of the highlighted dish in the stall that we would like to recommend:

Signature “Teng Chai Chuk” Kenny’s Special PorridgeCantonese Style Loh See Fun Rice with Stewed Soy ChickenNoodles with Deep Fried Fish Paste You Tiao

  • Signature “Teng Chai Chuk” (RM 8)
  • Kenny’s Special Porridge (RM 6.50)
  • Cantonese Style Loh See Fun (RM 8)
  • Rice with Stewed Soy Chicken (RM 7.90)
  • Noodles with Deep Fried Fish Paste (RM 8)
  • Deep fried Curlers (You Cha Kuai (RM 1.50)

For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/k.foodcart/

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