Japanese has always been a favorite cuisine for all of us as a Malaysian. But because of the price, we are only able to enjoy it once in a while.

Sho Kushaige understands you needs! Sho Kushaige is a restaurant that focuses in providing quality and affordable foods.

best porkAt Sho Kushiage, their pork are specially selected are the Premium Sakura Three Yuan Pork (or Duroc) is specially breaded from overseas. These farms are able to bread good genetic and healthy pork where the third generation breaded pork is being selected for Sho Kushaige’s servings.

Three Yuan Pork (or third generation pork) is being selected by Sho Kushaige because they are highly disease resistance and strong life force and the feed conversion rate is better, it is the best pork gene that you will ever get.

Starting from this 1st June 2017, they are offering a special deal for any visitors ordering their Premium Pork Chop Cutlet Set at RM 32.90. The Premium Pork Chop Cutlet Set originally comes with a Miso Soup, Rice and free flow vegetables. And now, you can add an additional 2 types of sauce (cheese and curry) to dip with it for FREE.

premium pork chop cutlet set


If you wish for something more, just add an additional RM 1 for Handroll.

Besides that, they also have come out with a new menu with a very affordable price starting from RM 15.90 you can enjoy a quality and filling Japanese Pork Meal such as:

Teppan Cheese Sauce Pork Ribs Japanese Curry Cheese Pork Ball Set Buta Soup Base Set







  1. Teppan Cheese Sauce Pork Ribs (RM 19.90)
  2. Japanese Curry Cheese Pork Ball Set (RM 15.90)
  3. Buta Soup Base Set (RM 28.90)

There are many more super yummy dishes at Sho Kushaige that you can explore. For more information on Sho Kushaige, visit https://www.facebook.com/ShoKushiage/


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