Waffles are the favorite for many of us. If you think they’re all just flour and eggs, then prepare to be amazed by these types of waffles created by one of our local entrepreneur!

img_2888During our stay in Cameron Highlands, we have manage to visit one of the highly rated waffles shop, MR. AISU located at Cameron Square. When you arrive there, you will find on cute little shops 45 degree opposite the 7-11 shop.

We manage to have a chat with the shop owner, Mr. and Mrs. Tan (a young couple) and found out some interesting stories about him. Mr. Tan is a local farmer’s son in Cameron. As you know, Cameron Highlands are famous with lots of fresh local vegetables and fruits ingredients. With his passion on ice cream and waffles, he did some research to develop more varieties of ice cream and waffles flavors using the available ingredients from Cameron.

Up-to-date, he has successfully created 5 types of waffles flavors; Strawberry, Banana, Cameron Corn, Pumpkin and Orange. He has also successfully created 5 types of ice cream; Strawberry, Teh Tarik, Ipoh Coffee, Chocolate and Banana for waffles mixed and match.

Below are some of the recommended waffles during our trip there:

img_2926Orange Waffle with handmade chocolate sauce and paired with chocolate ice cream. It’s a perfect match. Highly recommended by the Mrs. Tan and true enough it is super yummy.

img_2911Handmade Banana Delight Waffle served with pan fried banana, banana ice cream and handmade cinnamon caramel sauce. The perfect ice cream combination for this waffle is Teh Tarik, Chocolate or Banana. I love it.

img_2933Handmade Japanese Pumpkin Waffle served with whipped cream and curry sauce. For pumpkin lovers, this waffles is out of the world waffles that you will ever taste. It’s superb.

Besides waffles, they also serve tea and coffees drinks fully imported from Taiwan and Japan.

MR. AISU specialize in making handmade soft serve ice cream and yeast leavened waffle. They source as much local ingredients as possible creating authentic local flavors, such as our signature Teh Tarik ice cream using blend of Cameron tea. Flavors for our ice cream and waffle change seasonally.

Check them out at Cameron Square, be ready to be spoiled by many special handmade waffles at Mr. Aisu.

For more information on Mr. Aisu, visit their facebook at: http://bit.ly/2e3KWi3

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