Fratello-Pasta-making1_Easy-Resize.comWe as Malaysians are blessed with many types foods and taste from varieties of cultures. One of the favorite food for Malaysian is Italian food.

Italian food is also one of the most popular and widely adopted cuisines over the world.

Italians believe in simplicity and respect for good produce, so some of the most beloved dishes of Italians comprise just a few simple ingredients, carefully selected and served at their prime.

Italians are very particular on how their foods are being produced. They loves to create foods cater to different taste buds.


Check out which pasta suits your taste buds here:

Fettuccine Nero con Gamberi :

For those who would like to experience something different from the conventional pasta, try Fettucine Nero con Gamberi.

Fettuccine Nero con Gamberi is a squid ink pasta with prawns which is cooked Aglio Olio style and its slightly spicy than the normal pasta that are available outside.

Price: RM35+

fratello-homemade-tortellini-burro-bianco1-copyTortellini Burro Bianco:

Does this pasta looks colorful? It’s actually looks yummy too.

This homemade pasta are stuffed with chicken and mushroom and served with creamy garlic sauce. For those who likes mushroom and garlic, this is the pasta for you!

Price: RM 33+


Stracci Funghi Alfredo:

For those herbs lovers, Stracci Funghi Alfredo is your choice of pasta that your wouldn’t want to miss.

Stracci Funghi is a handmade herb pasta served with cream sauce,fresh mushrooms and truffle oil.

Price: RM 28+

Hungry already aren’t you. Good news, these pastas are available at Fratello Italiano Ristorante, Bangsar South!

Fratello Italiano Ristorante specializes in fresh, handmade pastas. Their pastas are freshly handmade and no artificial coloring or preservatives are being used. It’s being made the old fashioned way, with color from fresh ingredients such as beetroot, spinach, chilies, squid ink, fresh herbs and various other seasonal flavors.

For more information on Fratello Italiano Ristorante, visit:

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