Charcoal Hailam Noodle for 2 @ RM 9.50

With the recent increase in inflation, prices of many things including foods has increase at least 20%-25%. Out normal dinner consumed outside has increase from RM 6.00 to RM 7.50 at least per plate p...

Home & Decor

No more chewing gums nightmare!

Many people enjoy chewing gum as flavorful treat to exercise the jaw, eliminate boredom, and even help quit smoking. But discovering chewing gum stuck to your carpet is one of those moments in life wh...





The Best Budget Bluetooth Headset

Many of us loves music and the best way to listen to music on the go is by using earphone or headset. But with the wire hanging around us might refrain us from moving freely. Hence many of us do loved...


Tips for Women Traveling Alone

Now more than ever, women are traveling by themselves for business or pleasure. And although their reasons for traveling are similar to their male counterparts, women traveling alone have very differe...

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