Charcoal Hailam Noodle for 2 @ RM 9.50

With the recent increase in inflation, prices of many things including foods has increase at least 20%-25%. Out normal dinner consumed outside has increase from RM 6.00 to RM 7.50 at least per plate p...

Home & Decor


KL Famous Food Delicacies All At One Place

We heard of many famous foods in KL area. But it has always been scattered about the 50km radius from the heart of KL. It’s hard for us to gather al these food togather at one time. Even if we can, th...



In Search of Your Dream Car

Everyone has a dream car in their lives. Have you found yours? This coming 12-14th May 2017, GoldenLand Expo (M) Sdn Bhd is organizing the 4th Dream Car Expo in Malaysia that will be held in Mid Valle...


More Smartphone Choices

In recent month, more an more smartphone companies are launching better smartphone with a more competitive price. After Nokia launch on it’s smartphone, now comes a new smartphone brand named In...


South Korea’s Hidden Treasures

South Korea has a divine culture that has flourished for thousands of years, filled with countless legends of tradition, honor and hope. Similar to many other Asian cultures, it continues a great hist...